Meeting debates the construction of a fair world and a sustainable planet

In 2024, Brazil holds the Presidency of the P20 – the parliamentary pillar of the G20. In this context, two meetings are scheduled. On July 1-2, the 1st Meeting of Women Parliamentarians of the P20 will take place in Maceió. For the first week of November, the P20 Summit meeting is scheduled to be held […]

More women lead parliaments of largest economies

G20 brings together 3,067 women members of parliament and 840 women senators The women´s caucus in the parliaments representing the world’s largest economies, gathered at the G20 international cooperation forum, totals 3,067 women members of parliament and 840 women senators. Many of these leaders are expected to convene in Brazil this year during the First […]

Lira takes over leadership of the G20 parliament presidents’ group

The President of the Chamber of Deputies, Arthur Lira (PP-AL), assumed on October 14, 2023, the leadership of the P-20, a group composed of the presidents of parliaments of the G-20. He received the position from the President of the Lok Sabha of India, Om Birla. Upon taking office, Lira stated that the P-20 provides […]