View of Maceió, which hosts the first meeting of P20 female parliamentarians

Meeting debates the construction of a fair world and a sustainable planet

In 2024, Brazil holds the Presidency of the P20 – the parliamentary pillar of the G20. In this context, two meetings are scheduled.

On July 1-2, the 1st Meeting of Women Parliamentarians of the P20 will take place in Maceió. For the first week of November, the P20 Summit meeting is scheduled to be held in Brasília.

Around 290 national and international authorities have been invited to the 1st Meeting of Women Parliamentarians of the P20. In addition to all Brazilian congresswomen – Federal Representatives and Senators –, the list includes parliamentarians from all G20 members, other countries invited to the G20 Summit in Brazil, Mercosur countries, Portuguese-speaking countries, as well as presidents of international Parliaments and senior representatives of international organizations such as the UN and the Inter-Parliamentary Union.

Under the motto “Building a Just World and a Sustainable Planet,” the two days of the 1st Meeting of Women Parliamentarians of the P20 will be dedicated to debates and exchanges between Brazilian and foreign leaders on the G20’s priority themes this year, namely:

•climate change and sustainable development;

•social inclusion and the fight against hunger and poverty; and

•reform of global institutions.

The unprecedented meeting will offer a unique opportunity to expand and reinforce the participation of women parliamentarians in discussions that are at the center of global attention.

The Brazilian Presidency of the G20 chose to publicize various parts of the country, promoting meetings in different cities across the national regions. The same logic was applied by the P20 Presidency. The choice of Maceió by the women’s caucus of the Brazilian Parliament was based on the fact that the locality was previously chosen as one of the host cities for G20 events in Brazil and on the option to showcase Brazil in all its diversity, energizing regions that are usually less favored by this type of event.

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